Sustainable growth

Allaert Aluminium focuses on its employees, giving them the opportunity to grow in their tasks, rolls and functions. In order to achieve this, we aim to improve the way of working, thinking and handling. We can count on an aid from the European Social Fund (ESF) to fund this process. Re-organising our structure will encourage our employees to work together stronger, take on more responsibilities and share them as well. The vision and strategy of Allaert Aluminium is secured for the future in this way.
On a practical side: 
  • By working together and taking on tasks together, pressure and workload are minimalized. By sharing their knowledge, multiple employees can take on the same tasks, thus making work more effectif and efficient and handling as back up if needed. We create time and room to take on other tasks and projects. 
  • “the bigger picture” reduces complexity in the organisation and stimulates initiatif within employees to take on other tasks than they are used to or asked to do. This expands insight in the organisation, own tasks and capacities as well as from collegues. 
  • Redistribution of responsibilities creates more autonomy. Own knowledge and experience can be maximised. Opportunities for self-development and growth within the organisation grow. 
  • More engagement leads to more involvement. 
  • Shared responsibilities lead to bigger impact in decision making and minimises workload for all. 
  • More job ownership has a positif impact on atmosphere at the office. 
  • Working with self organising teams stimulites teamwork and removes pressure from leaders.